Morning all! This has been an interesting week, with a variety of jobs to keep us busy. Monday was filled with a site visit to Fairline in Southampton and jetwashing a large return of rental cubes and accessories that had been in Bristol for four weeks. Tuesday was spent dropping off two Jetports and a Jetport Plus to Bates Wharf in Poole, and then beginning construction on a decked pontoon for Oxford Preservation Trust. This was then completed on Wednesday. To begin, the boys lay the ‘foundation’ of decking on top of the Rotodock and attach it, then when all is in place, the top layer is drilled on, followed by the sides. We use Indonesian Balau, FSC certified decking. Following the completion of the structure, any unsightly marks are removed or sanded down, then the whole structure is sealed with a weather proofer and varnished. Chris will be delivering this next week. Thursday and today we went on a couple of service jobs for our sister company, Ultrasonic. Thursday was in Danson Park and today is at a golf club in Woking.

Ultrasonic works to remove algae from various bodies of water. The transducers come in three different sizes to tackle differing volumes. They work by sending out sound waves which control the algae growth, and have been proven to work in lakes, swimming pools, irrigation systems and cooling towers, amongst others. Multiple transducers can be used in larger bodies of water. They are environmentally friendly, quick to work (depending on the volume of water, you could see improvements in water quality after two weeks), they are safe for wildlife and use in drinking water, and are guaranteed for two years. Have a look at the Ultrasonic tab above for more information. Years and years of research by just one man have gone into the successful creation of these products and people are just starting to take notice. Don’t be surprised if you hear more about them over the next few years!