As the week began with rain, the team took shelter under a bridge, and as the weather got better, the boys went from a decked pontoon on a private lake to a sailing club and repairing our tractor in the sunny yard.

So, hiding under a bridge on a damp Monday morning, the team built a modular cube pontoon with handrails around the bridge supports to enable Sheild Buildings to carry out much needed repairs. The cubes and accessories were structured in such a way that the Sheild team could simply detach a few pins to swing the cubes around 180*, allowing them to repair the opposite end. If this makes no sense, have a look at the picture below! On their return, the team prepared for Tuesday’s delivery and installation of a wooden ladder for a decked pontoon. We have a fantastic carpenter who has helped us with many jobs over the years, (Steve Bailey based in Farnham should you need him) and this time, he built a bespoke wooden ladder for our private client to add to their decked pontoon, which the boys installed on Tuesday morning. A tricky job that took some skill and patience, but looked fantastic when finished, thankfully! The afternoon was a yard and prep day for the install team, who cleaned and sorted their workshops and the barn, then counted and prepared stock for future jobs. They’re a great team and I probably don’t give them enough praise on here, so please give a big hand to our Install and Warehouse team who keep moral high and their work spaces ready and set for whatever each changing day brings.

As the sun shone stronger, Wednesday morning bought a trip to Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club to finalise some details for a future project and a big rental went out to a regular customer heading to Amberley for surveying and repairing a bridge. We then took a further truck load down for them on Thursday and helped install it.

As the sun got hotter still, we slowed down a little and did an Ultrasonic testing and installation of new transducers. After which, the team came back to the yard and helped with our stock take.

Apologies for the delay on this update, my car nearly died last Friday and I needed to collect it from the garage, so didn’t quite stay until finish… (Slacking!) . Then I was away on Monday and Tuesday, and catching up Wednesday. I hope you all had lovely weekends and we’ll speak again tomorrow, when I can tell you what the team have been up to this week… I know you’re on the edge of your seats!

Swallowfield bridge repairs with modular cubes and handrails