We thought it would turn to Summer this week, and a couple of days have, they’ve kept the light on us to keep us happy and energised for the long days of work.  The trouble is, we’ve also had the rain back again, which is never nice to deliver and install in, and we’ve been doing a lot of that this week. Ups and Downs for a busy week, culminating in the Solstice tonight! Always end on a high, we say…..

Monday had us collecting metalwork pieces for a few of our jobs this week, and a few in the near future. While Oliver was off doing that, the install boys were prepping the stock for this week’s jobs, and further sorting the barn. The installs and deliveries began on Tuesday. First stop, Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne with a couple of Jetports (which are getting more and more popular, be warned, if you’re thinking of ordering one!) which kept the team busy for the day. Wednesday was another long delivery day as we journeyed up to the very exciting Lincoln Water Park to give them more Rotodock, handrails and ladders to add to their current pontoon, for the ease of their guests getting in and out of the lake. It looks like a cracking site and next time, we hope to take our wetsuits and have a go! While we were up there, the team back at base loaded up a great artic with a large order for Star Events up at Milton Keynes. I like to think these will be used to hold various bands doing their sets at the variety of summer festivals!

The end of the week has taken us to a couple of private client’s estates. One previous client who had a decked pontoon installed, had asked for further fenders and handrails out in Cranleigh. Another one up near Hook that we visited a few months ago have extended what was a fairly small lake to one about treble the size! In here, we will be placing a number of jetports and some decked pontoon. We look forward to starting that one, it’s such a beautiful site. Last but not least, a private customer came to collect a small modular cube pontoon for his recreational use, and a large rental order went out with Divers UK, a regular commercial customer who we thoroughly enjoy working with!

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the weekend is calling…..Long may the sunny days last, for after tonight, the days will only get shorter. Enjoy the solstice weekend everyone!

Lincoln Water park with Rotodock, gangway, handrails, ladders.