This week, Rob started full time! He has been part time with us for four months part time and the more we saw his work ethic and abilities, the more we realised we’d really quite like him to become a full time fixture. He agreed and Monday was the start of his contract, so we got the brioche in and raised a cuppa to him! Lucky he said yes as this week was another corker with the team hurrying around finishing jobs, loading trucks, collecting rentals, fixing a few storm damaged areas and delivering further rental cubes. So we’ve stayed busy and that’s the main thing!

Monday bought a collection of modular cubes from construction firm Cousins, in Canary Wharf. They had finished their maintenance job and the modular cubes and accessories were loaded up, bought back to the barn and prepared for their next outing. In the afternoon, a different set of rental modular cubes and all the accessories you can imagine (cleats, handrails with rope, a gangway, long and short pins and bolts) all went to a regular client who had decided to buy ex-rental stock as he uses it all so regularly. On Tuesday this was all delivered, in two loads to keep the team busy!

A couple of the office team met John (and his adorable puppy Mieke – Amos and Jesse were interested but seemingly far ‘too mature’ to play with an excitable little puppy, miserable things) from Fresh Fabrications on Tuesday and had a long chat about gangways and how to build them to best utillise John’s impeccable skills to match the needs of our customers and our transportation needs. For me, it was great to learn a little more about aluminium and welding, so I can pass on the knowledge in answer to customer’s questions. John is a really interesting man, and clearly passionate about his job. I say this from both seeing and hearing about the superb gangway he supplied recently, and from meeting him in person. I feel there’s nothing he won’t know about metals and welding!

Wednesday bought a couple of fixes to pontoons that got a bit battered in the Storms Ciara and Dennis. Nothing too major, but the sea will always do it’s best to work against us in weather like that. We’re always keen to ensure our Modular Cube and Rotodock systems are working to the best of their abilities, with any accessories that compliment the system. If our customers are happy, we are happy! Thursday bought another such job, but this time more about flooding than damage, one customer who is about to open for the season (Just Wake in Lincoln, opening April 10th) found her jetties under water!! We took up a couple of rental pontoons for her to use until the water levels decrease again.

Today, we are missing two of the team who have gone on a trip to Scotland for a long weekend, and I’m on a half day, so this afternoon will be nice and quiet for those left! Those that are staying are getting stock prepared for next week’s jobs around the country from Fareham to Stoke, and hopefully enjoying a cuppa and biscuit after a busy week!

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

rental modular cubes delivery on truck
exbury decked pontoons with spindle handrails