Hooray for sunshine! The best things come to those who wait and here we are, looking at a glorious weekend ahead at last.

This week, Tattershall Lake hollered again and a couple of Jetport Plus’ were taken up there with piling for a returning private customer. Four of the team were in Milton Keynes removing an existing jetty, building up the bank and installing a new one for a construction firm. A private customer had his Rotodock pontoon completed in Marlow and one of our little known Easyfloat pontoons went out to Gloucestershire for another private customer to use for his grandchildren to access their kayaks.

It is this latter system that I’d like to tell you more about. The Easyfloat pontoons are designed and manufactured in Sweden and are built consisting of individual 1.2m x 600mm floatation units that slot into an aluminium frame of whichever size you need. The width from 1.2m to 6m and length from 3m to 6m, creating a choice of 15 different sizes. They are a brilliantly low 208mm with a lifting capacity of 106kg per unit. For example, a 3m x 1.2m frame consists of five units, so has a capacity of 534kg, and a 6m x 6m frame consists of 50 units, holding 5463kg. They are an attractive, slick design with a non slip surface, and smooth edges. Moored with poles along the edges, they can be ordered with ladders, cleats, fenders and handrails. Best of all, the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden have said that “Easyfloat will have no or negliable impact on the environment over the course of it’s service lifetime”.

The pontoons are best used wherever a low freeboard is needed, for example for kayak and canoe clubs, but can also be used for recreation and construction. With the ability to hold a small engine, rafts can also easily be created for family fun.

Have a look here on our website for further information. Lead time is about four weeks, shipping times dependent.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Easyfloat pontoon ready for Gloucestershire delivery
Easyfloat pontoon cleat
Easyfloat pontoon pile guide