We had a busy summer season, completing (amongst others) a number of large installations for Totnes Boat Club, RYA Cymru, Langport Town Council, Fareham Sailing Club.

In Totnes, the team had been requested by Totnes Boating Association to install a 28m x 2m pontoon with a 7m x 1m inlet area to ease access as the client has trot moorings and a large flood defense which created difficulties for the users. The first job was to complete the installation of the 6.5m mooring piles with shore returns.  This was completed without issue ready for the Rotodock pontoons to be connected. Fender cleats were attached along with pile guides with bespoke rollers (creating smooth rolling up and down the piles). The project also required a custom made debris barrier to prevent materials floating down the river and getting jammed against the end of the pontoon so we built a custom debris deflector from galvanized steel and HDPE plastic, which ensured the debris continued downstream, considerably reducing the build up against the pontoon.  The job was completed with the installation of galvanized steel handrails and dropdown safety ladders. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Having spoken to all the authorities on board for the RYA Cymru/All Afloat job and confirmed that this was a pontoon needed specifically for disabled access into the boats, the team went up to Rhyl for the week and progress began.  The basic structure of the 6m x 3m Rotodock pontoon consisting of four RotoDock modules connected with rubber couplers, was the first product to get in place. This was swiftly followed by galvanized handrails, and HDPE fender cleats.  The disabled hoist was then attached along with an additional flotation module to ensure that the pontoon didn’t dip with the point loading. We had designed and built a custom made cranked mooring pile specifically for this job, which was drilled into the shore wall and connected onto the pontoon to complete the custom installation. All authorities were very happy with the completion to their specifications and ended up extending the pontoon to create an 8m x 2m total size which we still managed to achieve within the clients original budget. They were then ready to put the pontoon to good use immediately!

Rhyl and Totnes Rotodock pontoons

Later in the summer, we were excited to be working with Langport Town Council supplying and installing 4 pontoons having won the tender process. Langport Council asked us to install two 6m x 2m and two 3m x 2m pontoon. All four required stiff arm moorings with concrete set wooden land posts and galvanized handrails on the shore side of each. 3.8m long hinged gangways were required to provide safe access whilst taking into account the fluctuating river heights. HDPE ladders leading into the river and two fender cleats on the front edge for small boats to moor to were also installed. The plan was to safely increase public access to the river for those wishing to canoe, fish and swim. The installation team received repeated praise from both the client and general public through the installation with the end result being deemed a great success by all.

Last but very much not least of the bigger summer jobs, Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club had realised that their current pontoons were a little worse for wear and appointed us to replace the whole stretch. The most worn out area was first to be replaced, on the shore side. Sixteen Rotodock platforms, totaling a 21m x 4m pontoon and a 3m x 4m side section, with fixing accessories, were transported down to the coast. The piling was already in place, so pile hoops were needed, as well as 10 fender cleats and numerous pocket fillers to reduce the trip hazard. The team at Fareham were so pleased with their new pontoon that they decided a drive on dock for their small safety boat (used multiple times on a daily basis) would be useful. They have chosen a Jetport Max for the boat and a date to return for the installation on the end of the current pontoon is being decided at the time of writing.

With this just being a snippet of the jobs we did, you can see how busy we were, with both installations and rentals! Next week I’ll tell you all about Rob, who will ease the pressure for next summer. Have a great weekend one and all!

Langport and Fareham Rotodock Pontoons