Our client in Wales had a 10m drive on dock and a few huge, double stacked pontoons (think about 2000 cubes in total!) that needed to be removed from the sea before the winter months and storms kicked in. So off we went for two separate weeks to take them from the beach to a nearby field for dismantling.

In the first week, we split the platforms into moveable chunks and with the help of the boatyard crew and a local farmer we transported them to the field. We managed to take apart most of the cubes and separate them into a recycling pile and a reusable pile. Most days were dry and sunny, but a couple saw us out there torrential rain, wrenching away the pins and side bolts while watching the rain flow in uneven mini rivers off our noses. Thankfully we found a great pub nearby that helped us warm up those evenings!

double pontoon being laid

During the second week, we continued to dismantle the remaining platforms and separate the cubes into the piles again, and when this was done, the reusable pile became a new single layer pontoon ready to go back out next Spring. Only one day of rain this week, and the rest was sunshine, but the days had shortened, so our chilled hands were regularly warmed up by a delicious hot chocolate on the way home.

We now await the arrival of Spring 2019 when we’ll go back up and install next years drive on dock and pontoon for him.