Over the last few years we have had a number of enquiries about our Drive on Docks that we haven’t been able to fulfill due to the customer’s boat being too large for our models. As we have grown, we have been browsing at docks for larger boats, but never found anything that fit the bill. The last couple of months were no different, we were searching for new docks with no luck. Then we came across High and Dry Boat Lifts and the more we looked at and researched them, the more we realised we had found a brilliant, affordable and aesthetically pleasing product that we would be proud to sell. We got in touch with HQ in South Africa and are very pleased to say we are now an official UK distributor for High and Dry Boat Lifts! Merry Christmas!

The Boat Lifts have been designed and engineered by a South African engineer who had been building and developing boat lifts for three years. Through his research in developing the lifts, he has created a simple and foolproof design with technology that is currently the only of it’s kind in use, setting a precedence for future lifts. These Boat Lifts are built to last in international waters. Each Lift has four (or more) flotation ‘bins’ that guide the boat onto the lift, with an option for attaching mooring lines from the back ‘bins’ to the central cleat to ensure perfect positioning every time. When your boat is sitting centered, the siphoning technology begins and gently raises your boat out of the water in a controlled lift, in very little time. The hoses are attached to the top and bottom connectors and the blowers begin, displacing the water inside. When it comes to launching again, the bins are flooded with water, gently lowering the Lift and your boat, ready for you to take to the water once more. Lifting capacity ranges from 2000kg to 7000kg with the length of lift from 6m to 11.5m.

Please do have a look at the High and Dry Boat Lift website, while we develop a dedicated page for our site: www.highanddryboatlifts.com and let us know if you have any questions or queries about the Lifts. We are so proud to have been made a distributor, and extremely pleased that all the searching paid off with such a respectable brand and excellently engineered product. We can’t wait to get our first High and Dry sale and are thrilled to have been able to let you know this news before the festive season begins.

All that’s left is to wish you all a fantastic Christmas time, an exciting New Year and a relaxing week in between! Thank you all for reading these posts, I get some interesting feedback from you, which is fun to read and makes it all worthwhile!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all.x

High and Dry boatlift medley
High and Dry boatlift medley 2