The install team started a day early and went down to Plymouth on Sunday to set up a hybrid Drive on Dock for a customer. Due to the shape and size of the boat, and the customer’s specific requirements, we created the dock from a mix of Boatlift and Flexiport parts to ensure their needs were met appropriately. When the team were there, a few little tweaks were needed to finalise the install, which was then completed exactly as the customer wished. A job well done! The boys bought back a few parts that this customer had previously rented, in order to clean them down and prepare them for the next rental order. That became a ‘lovely’ job for a sunny Monday!

We have had a few intriguing orders to begin the year, so Oliver has been sat down figuring out how to create the perfect installs for these unusual requests. It can all be done, it’s just a question of working out how, most of the time. One such request we are looking at is attaching fins to a Rotodock platform that will have an engine on the back. Watch this space!

Having discovered that video advertising revenues overtook display advertising for the first time in 2018, we decided it was high time to set up a You Tube Channel this week. We realized we are lacking in video content, and although we’ve shown a few on Instagram, it’s not enough, so the install team are now under instruction to shoot video as well as stills when they’re out! Check it out for yourself if you have a few minutes, we are on as Wardle Marine and currently have three videos on there, with more to come as soon as possible! We hope that not only will the videos help you to understand what goes into our jobs, but also we’ll have some which will hopefully help you understand how to build Rotodock and Cube pontoons and a whole host of other platforms and products.

The beginning of the year is always calendar planning time and we’ve been looking at various marine shows to come and see you all face to face. We’re booked into Ocean Business (April 9th – 11th) and Poole Harbour Boat Show (June 7th – 9th) so far, so come and see us! We’ll have a variety of products on display and are always keen to hear and help with plans and projects you have in store.