Today one of the office girls leaves for Australia for three weeks, and therefore one dog leaves for her holiday too, so the office will be quiet once more! We wish them safe travels and two very happy holidays!

In other news, we have had a pretty busy week, with the team in various corners of England throughout. Monday saw the van being loaded and preparations taking place for jobs and meetings in Shepperton, Dartmouth and Torridge. Shepperton was a nice little 2m x 1.5m modular cube platform that was to be used as a safety net beneath a gangway leading on to a canal boat. A quick and easy install for the team, and they even got a top tip from the customer about a fancy neon tape. Those boys are easily pleased….! Dartmouth was a meeting for Oliver, but also a delivery on Wednesday. This was a double layer 3m x 1.5m platform with galvanized handrails and a scaffold gate for TMS Maritime Services, to be used over the weekend. Torridge was an exciting meeting for Oliver. The District Council have been looking for a 170m security barrier and we are going to be installing it in December. There will be a whole variety of marker buoys along the line, and 170m of rope! This is one job that needs meticulously careful planning.

Thursday bought a couple of site visits for jobs in the coming weeks, one in Uckfield (the Network Rail night job needs to come out) and one in Margate, for the Council. This one is a fairly big Rotodock platform we’re installing with a gangway, handrails and piling. Today, as I write, the warehouse team are arranging 320 modular cubes into 4×2 blocks to be loaded onto a lorry and sent up to the Serpentine to be rebuilt as a large platform for Aquatic Engineering.

It’s been quite a varied week and it’s great to have customers taking notice of our commercial products. This is something we hope to grow next year. We’ll be at Seawork 2020 in June (more about that later) with a variety of these products, so do come and say hello and see what’s on offer, while you stand on our best selling Modular Cube and Rotodock platforms! We also have a little more exciting news for 2020 in the form of a new jet ski port, but that’s just your taster, I’ll tell you more about them later!

So while one of us leaves for the sunny shores of Australia (not near the bushfires) I bid you a warm and cosy weekend, as I think about those in the north of the UK suffering from the horrific rain and wind. Keep safe and have a happy weekend!

modular cube safety net under gangway