That can only mean that I need to tell you about our December offer, and in an attempt to spread the rush of Spring orders, we are offering you 10% off Jetports ordered all the way through December! You are hearing it here first as I haven’t got it out on social media yet!

From about April, we are always inundated with orders for Jetports. Some of you may remember last year when we simply couldn’t get them shipped over quick enough. From individuals wanting one for their private use, to marinas giving us orders for five to ten, sometimes the stock gets into negative figures! It’s best to prepare early for these docks, so I would highly recommend taking advantage of the offer to save what could be a long wait in Spring. Given our classic ‘two week British summers’, that wait could be all the way through the sunshine and out the other side back to the rain….!

The Jetports come in three different models, the Jetport, Jetport Plus and Jetport Max. The Jetport is a 4m x 1.5m dock with fixed rollers through the centre and a tapered entrance. It allows a smooth launch and recovery and is best for flatter hulls. It is probably slightly more robust and therefore better for camping and leisure parks where it’s likely to get a bit more battered by a huge number of different drivers!  The Plus model is marginally (£50) more expensive than the original Jetport, but comes with fully adjustable wheels along each side (making it suitable for most jetski models) a V shaped base, and a tapered and tailored entrance, making for a very easy and smooth launch and recovery.  The Max model is the top of the range model and holds all the same sleek design and construction ideas of the Plus, but gives you an extra .5m of width for easier accessibility.

In other news, the install team have spent three days up in Norfolk installing a Rotodock pontoon and a couple of ladders have been attached to pontoons in Dartmouth and Langport. A couple of smaller extension jobs have also been completed in Totnes and Poole.

As one of us is sunning herself in Australia, those left behind are preparing to celebrate the boss’s birthday next week (not saying which birthday, but it’s big one!) so do send forward ideas of how best to show our gratitude! Have a lovely weekend one and all.

Jetport display