Modular Cube Pontoon for Maidenhead Sea Scouts

Recently, we were contacted by a division of the sea scouts, based in Maidenhead. Their existing pontoon from another pontoon cube manufacturer, was given to them by a neighbour organisation that no longer needed their cubes. The customer then contacted Wardle Marine Services Ltd & stated that they needed some additional components. Unfortunately though there isn’t a current UK distributor for the pontoon cube manufacturer, which would make it harder to gain access to the required components.

cube pontoon

After a short conversation & discussing the number of options, we came to the agreement that we would supply them with a new modular pontoon & the additional accessories that they required & could find a new home for their existing pontoon cubes.

During one morning in April, we headed over to Maidenhead & dropped off the sea scouts new modular cube pontoon, with their required accessories & tools to fit them, for them to install themselves at a later date. We then gathered their existing cubes that they had previously & found a new home for these, at a later date.

If your interested in renting a modular cube pontoon from us (no matter how big or small your requirement is), please get in touch. Modular cube pontoons have a variety of uses & can be customised to fit & shape, our customers needs. This particular order, used a number of optional fenders. But there are a number of other accessories that can be used, depending on your requirement.
You can email Wardle Marine Services Ltd using Alternatively if you’d like to speak to us on the phone, our number is 01420 86229.