Environmental Mooring system

Seaflex is a reinforced elastic mooring system, that expands and retracts with each tide and wave and can be used in deep or shallow water or in locations with no water level variation.

Seaflex can be made as strong and as long as it needs too depending on the conditions where the mooring is positioned and Seaflex moorings can be crossed under the pontoon/floating dock, allowing boats to be moored alongside without the risk of fouling mooring lines and optimizing space.

Seaflex has a low environmental impact due to its elasticated design that keeps mooring lines clear of the sea bed and the only point of contact is anchors or anchor blocks, compared with other mooring options like piles and chains, which can cause damage to the sea beds and lake linings due to chains being dragged along the sea bed. Seaflex can also be used with wave attenuators and marker buoys.

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Seaflex spring is also available, which offers a shock absorbing mooring option for attaching pontoons/floating docks to shore.

All Seaflex products are custom made and can be ready for installation within four weeks.

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