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Modular cube pontoon systems not only offer incredible robustness and stability but also the versatility for use in a wide range of environments.

The Cube

The main component of this system is the “Cube”. A single blow moulded unit that measures 500mm x 500mm x 400mm. Each Cube weighs just 7kg negating the need for heavy machinery to move the cubes around.

Each Cube has a connection lug moulded onto each corner. These lugs are constructed from solid HDPE with a tensile strength of over 1950Kg as approved by official authorities. The connection lugs are designed in a way that all four lugs are positioned at different heights to allow them to interlock

Modular Cube Pontoon

A modular cube pontoon ready for a scaffold tower to be built.

Modular Cube Pontoons have a safe working load of 350Kg per square metre. This is based on the load being evenly distributed across the pontoon.

Using a ‘double layer’ connection pin allows you to double or triple stack the cubes hence, doubling or tripling the buoyancy.

Each cube has a threaded bung on the side which can be unscrewed to allow it to be filled with water to reduce the freeboard. This also allows the pontoon to be tapered down into the water, this is particularly useful for drive on docks making launch and recovery much easier.


Connection Pins

The cubes are connected together with a HDPE locking connection pin that inserts through the connection lugs and locks into place using a T bar tool supplied with the pontoon. This system enables you to build the pontoon either on the land or water with all connections being made above the waterline.



The system is very versatile allowing you to build pontoons of virtually any shape and size. Being a modular system allows cubes to be added or removed to be reconfigured should your requirements change.

Accessories include

  • Cleats
  • Fenders
  • HDPE handrails
  • Swim ladders
  • Lights
  • And many more



The top surface of the cube has a moulded non-slip pattern to help minimise slip and trip hazards.


High Density Polyethylene

HDPE is an environmentally friendly fully recyclable material that requires minimal maintenance. It has a very good resistance to UV, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals and oil. It also has a long life span up to around 15 years depending on use.

Wide variety of uses

The versatility of the modular cubes makes them ideal for a wide variety of uses including;

  • Floating Platforms
  • Bridges
  • Drive on Docks
  • Fish Farms
  • Work Platforms
  • Swimming Platforms
  • Marina Walkways
  • Jet Ski Docks and many more

As modular pontoons are constructed from individual units there is a degree of flex in the system allowing it to absorb wave motion with minimum stress. This makes them ideal for locations that experience both broken and rolling waves.

Systems built from larger units will tend to buck in rough conditions increasing the stresses and wear to the connections.


To rent or buy

We hold large stocks of both new and rental cubes. The minimum rental period is just one week but we have many customers who have rental pontoons on long term contracts with us.


We have an experience installation team who work across the length and breadth of the country installing pontoons and mooring systems to your exact requirements.


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