EZ Dock Water Sports Pontoon

EZ Dock Water Sports Pontoon – Crawley Council with Dynamic Adventures

Crawley council contacted us requiring a replacement pontoon for an outdoor sports company with a long term lease at Tilgate park. The existing pontoon at the site was no longer fit for purpose and needed to be replaced. We offered an EZ Dock modular pontoon system to meet the needs of the outdoor centre.

Tilgate Park

The lake at Tilgate Park

EZ Dock is a roto-moulded High Density Polyethylene modular pontoon system that connects using composite rubber connectors. EZ Dock modules are stocked in a slection of sizes but most commonly used are 3m x 2m and 3m x 1.5m units. EZ Dock is a very stable and had wearing system with is moulded with a non slip surface. We sell a wide range of fittings and attachments for EZ Dock along with taking pride in fabricating bespoke solutions for individual client needs.

Watersports centre pontoon

3m x 2m EZ dock modules used to make the finished pontoon at Tilgate park.

The man made lake at Tilgate Park is prone to flooding over and above what was considered the norm at the time it was built. As a result flooding that would usually occur every 50 – 100 years has been happening every 2 – 3 years. The existing walkway was set at a fixed height and had begun to collapse therefore it was not deemed safe to use. Beoing a fixed walkway it was not able to be used when the level of water in the lake increased. Due to the rise and fall of the lake depth Dynamic Adventures required a pontoon that could be used at all water levels, was large enough to facilitate kayaking, dragon boat racing, dinghy use and open water swimming but that was low maintenance, cost effective and hard wearing.


EZ Dock, accessory railings and custom Steel work at Tilgate Park

We designed an L shaped pontoon with 14m x 2m length along the lake wall and a 9m x 2m offshore return to reach deeper water and provide a sheltered area for boats to be stepped in and out of. The pontoon was to be used by young people and needed to have adequate provision for disabled access. We added safety railings along the side of the pontoon and railings along the bank to reduce the risk of people falling from the pontoon. The end of the return was fitted with a swim ladder to give safe access to and from the water.

Once the old pontoon was removed it uncovered a large concrete plinth which could not be piled through and was likely to cause a problem for the new pontoon if the water level dropped which it often did in the summer. We had to come up with an alternative solution to mooring the pontoon that would give the stability of pilings but allow for the rise and fall of the water level. We decided that stiff arm brackets would be a perfect solution for this installation.

Stiff arm brackets work like the wishbones in a car’s suspension having a pivot at each end allowing the pontoon to rise and fall whilst maintaining a stable and secure distance between the shore and the pontoon. To prevent unwanted side to side movement stainless steel cables were added to the stiff arms and anchored to the concrete lake wall allowing them to also move up and down with the pontoon whilst maintaining a fixed distance between the two.

EZ Dock stiff arm wall bracket

EZ Dock stiff arm wall bracket resin set into concrete lake wall

EZ Dock stiff arm bracket

EZ Dock stiff arm bracket bolted to 3m x 2m EZ Dock module

A 1.5m wide 2.5m long aluminium gangway was installed to allow safe access for the centres customers and also acted as a stiff arm itself. Our Aluminium gangways have Thruflow walkways that give a free draining safe non-slip surface.

Aluminium Gangway

2.5m x 1.5m Aluminium Gangway

The aluminium gangway was pre-assembled by us at or workshop for installation on site. The shore side of the Gangway was resin set into the lake wall so that it could act as another stiff arm bracket and provide a stable access route for wheel chair users.


Aluminium gangway mounting plate resin set into the concrete lake wall.


We are confident that the new pontoon set up designed and installed by us will give many years of service throughout flood and low water seasons. Feedback from the operators of the centre and their clients has been excellent.

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