Chatham Modular Cube Pontoon

Modular Cube Pontoon Completion at Chatham.

If you have been following our Blog you will have seen us begin a long term project with Arethusa Water Sports in Chatham. The project was to provide 22 Modular Cube Pontoon Dinghy storage bays and a drive on dock for a RIB. This was for installation at their Chatham basin centre.

We recently attended the centre to carry out the final phase of the installation adding the remaining eight bays to the layout.

Modular cube pontoon

Final eight modular cube pontoon dinghy bays added to the layout.


The project has been gradually added to as funds became available to the centre. Given the modular Cube pontoon design this was very easy for us to facilitate. Building the pontoon this way meant they could afford to bring the pontoon online a section at a time whilst using it.

Modular cube pontoon

Previously installed Modular cube pontoon dinghy bays being used to store boats.

Modular Cube Pontoon

Modular cube pontoon dinghy bays with boats being stored on them.

Due to operating several different dinghy designs the modular cube pontoon has been built to accommodate:

  • Three 4 metre x 1.5 metre bays.
  • Eighteen 3 metre x 1 metre bays.
  • One 2.5 metre x 1 metre bay.

The bays have been custom designed by us to give a flat, low level centre. This was in order support the sailing boats which have a flat hull.

Modular Cube Pontoon

Largest of the three bay designs currently being used to store safety boats whilst the centre awaits delivery of new larger Dinghies.


Modular Cube Pontoon

An example of one of the eighteen 3m x1m bays with its Dinghy on board.

The normal design for a drive on bay utilises V section cubes. The V section allows for the keel of a boat which would not suit this application. The lower sections of the pontoon place the boats closer to the water. This keeps them completely clear of the water during storage, minimising growth and associated maintenance.

Modular Cube Pontoon

The completed run of Dinghy bays as seen from the quayside

The Initial bays were already being put to good use by the centre and during our attendance. New members of staff were being trained as instructors on the different boats.

Modular Cube Pontoon

Arethusa Water Sports trainees receiving instruction from senior staff in order to become assistant sailing instructors.

Arethusa will be putting the pontoon through its paces over the coming season and well into the future as their business grows. They are hoping to expand the sessions that they offer at the location and we look forward to working with them as they do in order to facilitate their future pontoon requirements.

If you require a pontoon for home, leisure or business give us a call to discuss the Modular Cube Pontoon options that we can offer.

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