Anchor moorings are the cheapest system for your pontoon with the easiest installation.

Anchor moorings consist of a weight placed on the seabed with a length of heavy chain attached to it, this chain is then attached to a lighter chain that runs up to the pontoon.

Anchor moorings

Anchor mooring system showing the shaped weight, heavy and light chain lengths.



Anchor moorings are the cheapest most versatile option.

A large number of anchor designs means that there will be a suitable anchor for the application. An anchor designed for a rocky sea bed may not work in a silty location however the cost difference between designs is minimal. Cost is usually determined on the weight of the anchor.

Anchor moorings can be removed if required.

Anchor moorings can be designed to work with tidal ranges.


Anchor moorings can have a degree of movement at certain tide heights due to the lengths of chain. The weight of chain used and layout of the anchor moorings can make a significant difference to the amount of movement felt.

Anchor mooring systems will need servicing/checking for integrity and corrosion which can be a complex process due to lifting of chains and anchors or using a water borne inspection method (Diver or submersible camera).

We can supply and install suitable anchor moorings for your pontoon taking into account all the specific environmental considerations for the location.

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