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GRP Fibreglass Floating Platforms

Our incredibly stable catamaran hull design creates a firm base for many floating applications, such as a floating home from home. These hulls can be produced in virtually any size and in a choice of colours. They are also fully road transportable for delivery to your final location and are easily loaded with use of a siting crane. Our hulls are low maintenance, perfect for fresh or saltwater applications and can be assembled on site.

We are able to package any brand of outboard engine with this boat as required for either commercial or pleasure use.

Standard Sizes
25ft x 12ft
35ft x 14ft
50ft x 14ft


  • Can be produced in a choice of colours
  • Transportable by road
  • Can be assembled on site
  • Low maintenance
  • Fresh or salt water applications
  • Potential for a dry storage area within the hull space
  • Rapid build time available
  • UK Manufactured

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