Modular Cube Pontoons – All You Need to Know!!!!

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Modular cube pontoon systems not only offer incredible robustness and stability but also the versatility for use in a wide range of environments. The Cube The main component of this system is the “Cube”. A single blow moulded unit that measures 500mm x 500mm x 400mm. Each Cube weighs just 7kg negating the need for [...]

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EZ Dock Water Sports Pontoon

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EZ Dock Water Sports Pontoon – Crawley Council with Dynamic Adventures Crawley council contacted us requiring a replacement pontoon for an outdoor sports company with a long term lease at Tilgate park. The existing pontoon at the site was no longer fit for purpose and needed to be replaced. We offered an EZ Dock modular [...]

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Anchor Moorings

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Anchor moorings are the cheapest system for your pontoon with the easiest installation. Anchor moorings consist of a weight placed on the seabed with a length of heavy chain attached to it, this chain is then attached to a lighter chain that runs up to the pontoon. Anchor mooring system showing the shaped weight, [...]

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Mooring your pontoon

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How do you plan on mooring your pontoon? Anchors, Chains, Piles or Stiff Arms Call us on (01420) 86229 or email us at sales@wardlemarineservices.co.uk to discuss your mooring requirements. One of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer solutions to meet your needs.

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Emergency Modular Cube Pontoon for Rapid Response

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We received a call at 10:00pm from one of our 'Rail Network' customers requiring an emergency modular cube pontoon for rapid response due to a damaged swing bridge in Norfolk. The bridge spanned a wide flowing waterway and access to the swing seat bearings was only possible from the water. Damaged 120 year old [...]

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Chatham Modular Cube Pontoon

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Modular Cube Pontoon Completion at Chatham. If you have been following our Blog you will have seen us begin a long term project with Arethusa Water Sports in Chatham. The project was to provide 22 Modular Cube Pontoon Dinghy storage bays and a drive on dock for a RIB. This was for installation at their [...]

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Pontoon – The Buying Guide Checklist

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Pontoon solutions are available in abundance nowadays. From commercial marinas and fish farms, to temporary solutions for events and exhibitions, the need for pontoons varies considerably. This is why you need to purchase with caution, to ensure you end up with the perfect system for your requirements. With that being said, read on for a [...]

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