Pontoon rental for five star floating hotel

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Pontoon rental for five star floating hotel in Londons Docklands. Custom EZ Dock rental layout with Railings A luxury floating hotel required a pontoon installed for the duration of the making of a promotional video. The Hotel is situated in Royal Victoria Dock adjacent to Excel. The pontoon needed to go around an [...]

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Modular cube pontoon for North West Highlands

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Modular cube pontoon for the Highlands. We recently completed a modular cube pontoon project for a customer in the North West Highlands on a large private estate on the shores of Loch Alsh. The design brief was for a 2 metre wide 53 metre long pontoon with a safety railing along both sides that could [...]

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Worcester University Pontoon

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Worcester University Pontoon installed at Lakeside Campus. The university required  general purpose pontoon that would allow the lake to be used by students who are involved with courses and leisure activities run on site. The Pontoon needed to have access for wheelchair users, space to step into and out of kayaks and dinghies and a [...]

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Mooring your pontoon

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Having the correct type of mooring system will greatly affect the stability, longevity and performance of your pontoon. There are 3 main types of mooring systems currently in use for securing pontoons: The Anchor A heavy weight which is placed on the seabed and is then connected to the pontoon via a chain or rope. [...]

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EZ Dock Water Sports Pontoon

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EZ Dock Water Sports Pontoon – Crawley Council with Dynamic Adventures Crawley council contacted us requiring a replacement pontoon for an outdoor sports company with a long term lease at Tilgate park. The existing pontoon at the site was no longer fit for purpose and needed to be replaced. We offered an EZ Dock modular [...]

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Anchor Moorings

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Anchor moorings are the cheapest system for your pontoon with the easiest installation. Anchor moorings consist of a weight placed on the seabed with a length of heavy chain attached to it, this chain is then attached to a lighter chain that runs up to the pontoon. Anchor mooring system showing the shaped weight, [...]

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Mooring your pontoon

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How do you plan on mooring your pontoon? Anchors, Chains, Piles or Stiff Arms Call us on (01420) 86229 or email us at to discuss your mooring requirements. One of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer solutions to meet your needs.

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Specialist equipment transport

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Specialist equipment transport One of our clients required a highly sensitive and valuable piece of marine monitoring equipment delivering to a location in Glasgow. Given the nature of the scientific equipment and the distance it needed to be taken they did not wish to trust this to a standard carrier and came to us to [...]

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Drive on Dock in Emsworth

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Drive on Dock in Emsworth We have just installed a Modular Cube Pontoon Drive on Dock for a six metre RIB in Emsworth. The customer contacted us after seeing the drive on dock advertised on our website and after watching them being used on online videos. He was suffering from fouling of the hull [...]

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Chatham Modular Cube Pontoon

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Modular Cube Pontoon Completion at Chatham. If you have been following our Blog you will have seen us begin a long term project with Arethusa Water Sports in Chatham. The project was to provide 22 Modular Cube Pontoon Dinghy storage bays and a drive on dock for a RIB. This was for installation at their [...]

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