Modular Pontoon Cubes

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Our Modular Pontoon Cubes are 500mm x 500mm x 400mm. They weigh 7kg each. They have a draft of approximately 30mm. Modular pontoon cubes have a safe working load of 350Kg per square metre when used as a single layer. Our Modular pontoon cubes are made from durable High Density Polyethylene. The modular pontoon cubes [...]

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Secure Pontoon Storage Box

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Secure Pontoon Storage Box now available from Wardle Marine Services Ltd. We have recently added these fantastic weatherproof secure storage boxes to the range of accessories available for our Modular cube pontoon systems. Pontoon storage box by Wardle Marine Services   The storage box is bolted to the pontoon using specially designed connection lugs [...]

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EZ Dock and Modular cube pontoon at SeaWork 2016

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Last week we exhibited EZ Dock and modular cube pontoon at SeaWork 2016. The show was at Mayflower Park in Southampton. This was the first time that the show has been held at the location and looked to be a vast improvement on the previous year with increased space for exhibitors and facilities. We were [...]

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Floating Work Platform Rental

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Floating Work Platform Rental - Surrey Quays, London, SE16 As part of commercial renovation and maintenance work at the Surrey Quays development near Greenwich, contractors required a floating work platform to paint areas only accessible from the water. We provided a modular cube floating work platform measuring four metres by two metres fitted with high [...]

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Specialist equipment transport

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Specialist equipment transport One of our clients required a highly sensitive and valuable piece of marine monitoring equipment delivering to a location in Glasgow. Given the nature of the scientific equipment and the distance it needed to be taken they did not wish to trust this to a standard carrier and came to us to [...]

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Drive on Dock in Emsworth

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Drive on Dock in Emsworth We have just installed a Modular Cube Pontoon Drive on Dock for a six metre RIB in Emsworth. The customer contacted us after seeing the drive on dock advertised on our website and after watching them being used on online videos. He was suffering from fouling of the hull [...]

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Chatham Modular Cube Pontoon

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Modular Cube Pontoon Completion at Chatham. If you have been following our Blog you will have seen us begin a long term project with Arethusa Water Sports in Chatham. The project was to provide 22 Modular Cube Pontoon Dinghy storage bays and a drive on dock for a RIB. This was for installation at their [...]

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Pontoons – The Three Main Advantages Of The Modular System

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Pontoons are a great addition to any stretch of water used for leisure purposes. If there isn’t already one in place where you like to relax and play, why not consider the fast and easy installation of a modular pontoon? The modular system is simply and safely constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) cubes linked [...]

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Pontoon Solutions – Four Benefits Of Hiring Over Buying

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Pontoon solutions are ideal additions to stretches of salt or freshwater, allowing better access to the water for everything from facilities for swimming galas to a drive-on dock and beyond. But there’s no doubt that a pontoon can be an expensive investment. Have you thought about the possibility of hiring a modular system, rather than [...]

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Pontoon – The Buying Guide Checklist

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Pontoon solutions are available in abundance nowadays. From commercial marinas and fish farms, to temporary solutions for events and exhibitions, the need for pontoons varies considerably. This is why you need to purchase with caution, to ensure you end up with the perfect system for your requirements. With that being said, read on for a [...]

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